The Tenagra Corporation

Welcome to the former home of The Tenagra Corporation, one of the founders of the online marketing and web design and development industry.

Tenagra was established in 1993, just as the digital information age was taking its first baby steps beyond academia and becoming an essential business tool. The company, under the leadership of Cliff Kurtzman, helped transform the extraordinary new thing called the “Internet” from a resource solely for information exchange to a powerful medium of persuasion.*

But we live in a society where change is ever-present. By 2002 it was clear that the digital economy was coming of age and that Tenagra’s core mission had been accomplished. The company completed its operations in late 2002.

*As one of the first online marketing agencies in the world, Tenagra supported hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses to global organizations. These included IBM, ING Group, Compaq (now HP), Unisys, EDS, Shell Chemical, NetIQ, US West, and Dynegy.

Tenagra was a partner in the Year 2000 Information Center project, enabling others to take the actions necessary to fix their software and prevent billions of dollars in damages. The venture also became one of the biggest success stories in advertising-supported Internet publishing.

Tenagra built the first commercial online presence for Harley-Davidson, as well as the Internet’s first online tennis publication and community, The Tennis Server. Tenagra also built an award-winning Internet Web site, The Wake Shield Information Center, which was the first to provide real-time information transmitted from orbit by a commercial spacecraft.

The annual Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence provided peer-review recognition of fundamental achievements in the Internet marketing industry on a worldwide basis.